Zoom Recordings For My Class Didn't Import to Panopto - Help!

If you followed the guide to set up your Zoom meetings inside your Canvas course, but you notice that your meetings are still not importing to Panopto, watch this video explanation of a work-around to ensure that past* and future meetings import properly: Help! My Zoom Recording Didn't Import! (3-mins) 

*Please note that meetings recorded more than 48 hours ago need an extra kick. Please send the Meeting ID and date of the recording to eto@framingham.edu and ask that the recording be forced through.


From inside your course, you can follow the steps below (also explained in the video above):

  1. Click Zoom Meeting and copy your course's Zoom Meeting ID
  2. Click Panopto Video and click the Go To Panopto icon in the upper right to go to the Panopto website 
  3. Click your name in the upper right corner of the Panopto page and click User Settings
  4. Scroll to find the Meeting Import Settings
  5. Click Add New
  6. Paste your Meeting ID in the first box
  7. Search for your course name in the drop-down field and select the correct course folder
    • Canvas courses are located under the expandable "Courses" folder
    • You can also search by typing the term (i.e. "Spring 2022")
  8. Click Save to save the mapping


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