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Services or Offerings?
Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

A problem or failure occurred with an application or process.

Request a quote for new audio visual equipment.

Improve, review and automate processes (Banner Workflow, scripts, BPAs)

This service provides a formal, comprehensive review of an existing functional or technical process, and maps out the ideal process for future use.

Request assistance with your email calendar.

Looking to make changes to, get training for or found an error on website?

Issues with technology in a physical classroom

Request different types of hardware or accessories for the classroom, such as: document cameras, microphones or mobile AV. This is not used to report classroom issues, only to request a new service.

Are you new to using technology in the classrooms or would like a refresher, request training here.

Install and configure Commonwealth VPN for limited University Staff.

Request to install new or upgrade software or hardware in a computer lab or classroom.