Opt-out of Canvas Inbox

When would you use this?

Faculty and students who do not want to check two places for messages are able to opt-out of the Inbox. This setting allows users to opt out of the Conversation’s Inbox, causing all conversation messages and notifications to be sent as ASAP notifications, and hide the Conversation’s notification preferences for the user.

Opting out of Canvas Conversations (Inbox) does not mean that you will never receive Canvas messages. Rather, it redirects the messages that are sent within Canvas to your preferred external email, e.g., your @framingham.edu address. This way, you only need to check your email for course messages instead of needed to go into Canvas.

This is different from getting email notifications because the actual message is sent directly to your preferred email.

Please note: it is still important for you to verify and adjust your Canvas notifications settings before you opt out of Canvas Conversations or you may miss some messages. 


  1. Login to Canvas
  2. On the Global Navigation Menu select Account, and then select Settings.
  3. In Account Settings check the box for Conversations Inbox Opt-out. The change is automatically applied.
    arrow pointing to checkbox to opt-out of the Canavs Inbox

Environment/Applies To:


All Users

Additional Information:

Setting enabled January 2022.


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Thu 1/6/22 7:23 PM
Fri 1/14/22 10:18 PM