Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Note: If you are just trying to join a Teams meeting/call (similar to a Zoom call), it is not necessary to log into Teams or to download the Teams desktop app to do that. Simply click on the meeting link that was provided to you.

Microsoft Teams is cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite of applications. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Within the Teams workspace, you can create one or more "teams" - a select grouping of individuals from your organization who are involved in a particular project. Keep all communications and files related to that project in one place, only accessible to members of that team.

All faculty, students and staff have access to MS Teams a part of the Office 365 Suite, and can log in with their FSU credentials - no need to create a separate account.

Getting Started with Teams Quickly:

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Sign in" (upper right Corner).

3. Log in with your FSU credentials (full email address, including

4. Select Teams from the list of apps on the left-hand menu (alongside Outlook, Excel, etc). If you do not see Teams on this list, click the Waffle at the top left corner (Matrix of 9 dots) to view all apps.

5. When you select Teams, the Teams web app will open in a new Tab. The web app interface looks almost exactly the same as the desktop app (see step 6). You may be prompted to download the Teams desktop app right away. If so, you can skip over Step 6

6. To Download the desktop app (optional): in Teams, select the More menu at the top right (three dots) and click on "Download Desktop App." There is also a Teams Mobile app that can be downloaded directly from the iOS/Android App Stores.

7. If you have already been invited to join any Teams, you will see the list of Teams you are in either as Tiles in a grid, or as a list on the left-hand side. You may also choose "Join or Create Team" (upper right). If you have been given a "join code" you may enter it. Or start your own Team and begin inviting people!

View these short video tutorials from Microsoft to learn about Teams essential functions:

Download the Teams for Education Quick Guide


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