A repository for glossary of terms, data dictionary, helpful link and the like.
Note: Some items are only available to ITS.

Articles (5)

Checking the Status of your Ticket(s)

How to view the status of your ticket(s).

PPM Terminology

High level overview of PPM acronyms, definitions, cycles, roles & responsibilities, decision & benefit type/impact criteria and oversight.

Searching for Knowledge Articles and Services

See how to search for Knowledge Articles and Services we offer.

Submitting an ITS Ticket

Using the IT Self-Service Portal to submit a Service Request or Report an Incident.

TeamDynamix Glossary of Terms

This glossary will help you get familiar with terms specific to the TeamDynamix system. The application section includes every application that a member of your organization may be using, and the terms section covers features found within your TeamDynamix interfaces.