Popular Services

Register a device to the FSU network

This Service is available to faculty and staff only. We do not have laptops available to loan to students.

Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

Are you not sure what to do to set up your password or need help with the tool, request help here.

Report issues or request access/enhancements for Zoom Meetings.

Issues with current office phones or request a new phone.

Request assistance with or changes to your Student email account.

Request or report issues with a conference phone.

Report issues with Microsoft Teams or request changes/training.

One-way communications and emergency notifications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alerts via E-mail, text messaging, and phone calls with recorded audio.

Request assistance with or changes to your Faculty/Staff email account.

Request for IT to approval for a new piece of hardware

Report issues with wireless network.

Faculty, Administrators and Staff, please use this service to request remote access. This is the service you should be using to request any type of remote access such as: VPN, GotoMyPc etc

Request assistance with Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Services related to Canvas, Panopto, LockDownBrowser, Zoom, plus more.

Apporto, Adobe Creative Cloud etc

Are you a student looking to work in the IT department? Apply for a job with IT using this link.

FSUgo provides a mobile experience for the students, faculty, staff, visitors and community to interact with campus.

Improve, review and automate processes (Banner Workflow, scripts, BPAs)

Install and configure Commonwealth VPN for limited University Staff.

Do you have un-used equipment in your office or a room? Put in a service request and IT will evaluated for use or disposal.