Popular Services

Register a device to the FSU network

Report issues with wireless network.

ITS has a small number of laptops available for for loan during a specified time frame.

Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

Services related to Canvas, Panopto, LockDownBrowser, Zoom, plus more.

If you are having a general incident with printing, something isn't working correctly or printers are offline, request this service.

Request for IT to approval for a new piece of hardware

Issues with current office phones or request a new phone.

Report issues or request new data jacks.

Students requesting to have their pages of printing increased or faculty requesting more pages for their classes.

Request a quote from IT for a new piece of hardware.

A problem or failure occurred with an application or process.

Need help with reporting a general issue, start here

Use this service to obtain IT approval for purchasing of software.

I'm having a problem with a report.

Improve, review and automate processes (Banner Workflow, scripts, BPAs)

Report issues with Microsoft Teams or request changes/training.

Are you not sure what to do to set up your password or need help with the tool, request help here.

Request assistance with Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Report issues or request access/enhancements for Zoom.

Request assistance with or changes to your Faculty/Staff email account.

For general issues logging into any of Framingham State applications.

Information Technology can troubleshoot and repair hardware components or peripherals on most university-owned devices under warranty.