Knowledge articles on user accounts, logging into campus resources and remote access.

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"Sign in is Blocked" Error Message for Azure Login (for Canvas)

An article on troubleshooting errors logging into Azure (for Canvas specifically, but also in general)

How do I reset my FSU password

Change your FSU password

How to activate or set up my password

How to activate or reset my password

I want to use my work phone for MFA, but I work remotely a few days a week. What can I do?

Enrolled for MFA and looking for a way to make and receive your MFA code through your office extension when working from home? The 3CX softphone allows you to make and receive calls as if it were a physical desktop phone.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA and how to access help.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) phone application update 5/10/23

Microsoft has made security updates to the Microsoft Authenticator App. that now includes 2-digit number matching.

Password Management Standards and Guidance

Passwords are one of the first lines of defense for protecting your user account and data. The Password Management Standards Guide contains all the information that is necessary to setup a password that will secure your information.

Self-Service Password Reset Guide

If you are having issues accessing your account or have forgotten your password, you can use our self-service password reset tool to regain access. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to reset your password.

Self-Service Password Reset Registration Information

The FSU self-service password reset portal requires multiple authentication methods to be setup prior to a password reset request being initiated. This article will go through the process to input the appropriate information to setup this process.

Two-factor authentication for FSU VPN

Instructions for setting up two-factor authentication on your smart phone for FSU VPN remote access.