Services A-Z (74)

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Account Access Request

Access to a system or application (Banner, Evisions, Xtender, etc.).

Applications and Processes

A problem or failure occurred with an application or process.

Assistance Mapping a Printer

Audio Visual Technology Quote

Request a quote for new audio visual equipment.


Business Capability and Process Automation

Improve, review and automate processes (Banner Workflow, scripts, BPAs)

Business Process Analysis (BPA)

This service provides a formal, comprehensive review of an existing functional or technical process, and maps out the ideal process for future use.



Request assistance with your email calendar.

Changes to website

Looking to make changes to, get training for or found an error on website?

Classroom Technology Incident

Issues with technology in a physical classroom

Classroom Technology Request

Request different types of hardware or accessories for the classroom, such as: document cameras, microphones or mobile AV. This is not used to report classroom issues, only to request a new service.

Classroom Technology Training

Are you new to using technology in the classrooms or would like a refresher, request training here.

Commonwealth VPN

Install and configure Commonwealth VPN for limited University Staff.

Computer Lab Request

Request to install new or upgrade software or hardware in a computer lab or classroom.

Conference Phone

Request or report issues with a conference phone.

Course Design Consultation

Schedule a consultation.


Device Registration

Register a device to the FSU network

Distribution List Request

Add, remove, update or gain access to a Distribution List.


Education Technology Services

Services related to Canvas, Panopto, LockDownBrowser, Zoom, plus more.

Employee Email

Request assistance with or changes to your Faculty/Staff email account.

Equipment Move Request

Request the move, swap or temporary relocation of campus-owned computers and/or peripherals.

Equipment Pickup, Removal or Return

Do you have un-used equipment in your office or a room? Put in a service request and IT will evaluated for use or disposal.



Issues with fax enabled devices.

FSU Alert

One-way communications and emergency notifications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alerts via E-mail, text messaging, and phone calls with recorded audio.


FSUgo provides a mobile experience for the students, faculty, staff, visitors and community to interact with campus.


Hardware Incident

Information Technology can troubleshoot and repair hardware components or peripherals on most university-owned devices under warranty.

Hardware Quote Request

Request a quote from IT for a new piece of hardware.


New systems and storage requests.

Hyflex Technology Incident

Needs help with the Hyflex equipment in the classroom. This includes the camera, microphone and speakers.


ID Card Readers

Report issues with campus card readers.

Information Security Awareness Training

Install new copy machine

IT Student Employment Application

Are you a student looking to work in the IT department? Apply for a job with IT using this link.


Loaner Laptop Request

This Service is available to faculty and staff only. We do not have laptops available to loan to students.


Meeting Space Incident

Report an issue with a meeting space.

Microsoft Teams

Report issues with Microsoft Teams or request changes/training.

Multimedia Tool Incident

Report an incident with multimedia tools.

Multimedia Tool Request

Request a multimedia consultation or request assistance.

My Account May be Compromised-Responded to Phishing

If you believe that you responded to a phishing attempt or otherwise gave out confidential data, request support now.


New Hardware Order

Request for IT to approval for a new piece of hardware

New or Renew Software Orders

Use this service to obtain IT approval for purchasing of software.

New or Upgraded Classroom Consultation

A feasibility evaluation is requested for any new enhancements, upgrades, or initial install of any audio visual or computer devices on campus.

New Software or Application Review

Are you interested in purchasing a new application or software and need IT to review the contract or attend presentations? Use this link for consultation on a new application review.


Office 365

Request assistance with Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Office Phone

Issues with current office phones or request a new phone.

Operating System Upgrade Request


Password Assistance

Are you not sure what to do to set up your password or need help with the tool, request help here.

Password Incident

For general issues logging into any of Framingham State applications.

Password Manager- Keeper Security

This service offers faculty and staff access to a secure vault for storing all university passwords. Faculty or Staff request for access to Password Manager Software.

Portable Equipment Loan Request

Loans may include temporary use of document camera, mobile screen, mobile projector etc.

Printing Incident

If you are having a general incident with printing, something isn't working correctly or printers are offline, request this service.

Program and Department Assessment

Support for Canvas Outcomes and Portfolium program assessment technology.


Reimage Computer

If your computer has a virus, is running slow or is outdated, you may ask for it to be re-imaged.

Remote Access

Faculty, Administrators and Staff, please use this service to request remote access. This is the service you should be using to request any type of remote access such as: VPN, GotoMyPc etc

Report a general issue

Need help with reporting a general issue, start here

Report Spam, Malicious Email and Phishing

Use this service to report email phishing messages or inquire about the validity of email messages.

Reports & Reporting

I'm having a problem with a report.

Request a Consultation with ITS

Request time with an ITS SME (subject matter expert).

Request More Pages for Student Printing

Students requesting to have their pages of printing increased or faculty requesting more pages for their classes.


Shared Drive

Request a new shared drive or permissions to an existing one.

Software Incident

Report an issue with software on your computer.

Software Request

Software Upgrade

Stolen Technology

Student Email

Request assistance with or changes to your Student email account.

Surplus Equipment

Use this form to request the removal of institutionally-owned computers and peripherals from on-campus locations.

System Integrations

Requests for integrations of new systems with current services.


Teach Online

Teach Online


Virtual Software

Apporto, Adobe Creative Cloud etc


Issues or training requests for voicemail.


Wired Network

Report issues or request new data jacks.

Wireless Network

Report issues with wireless network.


Attend an ETO workshop.


Zoom Meetings

Report issues or request access/enhancements for Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Webinar